Ron Burgundy Funzie Onesie

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Product FeaturesWho doesn't like cuddling up in Anchorman style? Get into our Ron Burgundy butt flap onesie made of premium midweight cotton with roomy side pockets and a full frontal zipper. Go on any adventure in comfort.

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    Very nice

    Very comfy and well made

    Like a warm hug!

    Extremely comfortable, I want to spend the entire winter in this!




    The onsie is so comfortable!!! The little slit in the butt area is actually perfect for a little air flow. It is so soft. Fits perfect and doesn't get to hot.
    It has become my new house coat and I wear it every morning and night (as well as under my ski gear)!! Will not be my last one. Thank you Thuggies!!

    Round Peg Square Hole

    After reading the glowing reviews for T-Cozy, I ordered the Ron Burgundy for my 5'1" wife for her birthday. Quality is good, shipping was fast, and fit is a bit big - I get it it's supposed to be baggy. I was expecting a big opening under the flap for bathroom purposes but there's only a slit suitable for the bedroom. If I had read the reviews for the Ron Burgundy, I would have known better and wouldn't have ordered. I was going to order one for myself at the same time but glad I didn't as the wife's onesie is still sitting on the shelf. Reading a reply from customer service to an earlier review indicating the slit was more of a joke...very expensive joke.

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    Go ahead and wear our products however you want. Our long hoodies and butt flap onesies are made to fit anyone, which means that they're all suitable for everyone, boys, girls, men, and women. It's all about how you want it to fit. Want a more baggy style — then go for a larger size. Want a tighter fitting style — then pick a smaller size. Please note all measurements are approximate and will vary slightly.

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    • Super Thug = 190cm + (6'3"+)

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