Midnite Tac Funzie Onesie

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NOTE: Due to the nature of our propriety material, some light piling may occur. Our propriety material is colorfast in cold water, therefore, must only be washed in cold water.
Our newest member of the Thuggie family is the Midnite
Tac Funzie Onesie. The main bodice is a super comfy,
light-weight, Black Camouflage Fleece with the exception
of the right sleeve that is accented with a light heather
grey fleece . Sleek finishes inside of the hood, left arm
cuff ,and bottom left cuff are a crisp white. A white
drawstring completes the sleek design around the hood.
We know the design is meant to be indiscreet but you
will certainly stand out with this unique look!
We are excited to offer this new look in both Thuggie and
Onesie. We didn't forget the kiddos either, available in
3-5yr & 6-10yr as well. Don't forget to add your Chuggie
to complete the look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jackie Korn
Great look, odd sizing

My Thuggie onesies feel and look great.. until you put them on. The L "full thug" is the right kind of baggy everywhere except the crotch, where it hangs down basically to my knees. As a woman, I might have been better with the smaller version, but I worry I'd lose out on the long legs and arms, and I'd be at risk of shrinking it down to nothing. After shrinking the L, it fits me a lot better. The XL onesie I got for my boyfriend is XL in all the wrong areas. We compared the L to the XL, and it seems they only added material to the legs and arms.. I can't imagine what kind of gorilla man they were sizing with, but it definitely doesn't fit my 6ft tall boyfriend very well. The arms and legs are too long, and the mid section is too short, leaving him with a constant wedgie.

These Thuggies have great potential, but there's definitely a lot of work to be done in the sizing department. I'm considering getting ours altered.

Michelle Van der Merwe
kids loved them

My kids loved their Thuggies they received for Christmas. I have one suggestion, make the body part of the Super Thug (XL) longer. My son is 6 foot, 185 pounds and he is fairly proportional he does not have a long body compared to his legs, but the body part of the Super Thug (XL) just barely fits him. If I would have had a size that was longer in the body to choose from I would have returned it for that size. I'm afraid when I wash it he will have a Thuggie Wedgie. The Mini Thug (M) was a great fit for my daughter.

veronique vasseur

Merci, excellent service.


Très confo et bien coupé.
J’ai acheté la taille small et après avoir rétrécie un petit peu au lavage et sécheuse cela me va parfaitement!
Je mesure 1m57 pour 48kg.

Laurie Bascom
90% happy.. some minor flaws.

Love my Thuggie with just a couple exceptions. The inseam seems shorter then the smaller size i tried on. I tried my friends large so I bought the XL because I wanted more room. Last the snaps on the flap. Constantly popping. I’m thinking I may sew them shut. That makes me sad however I’m getting tired of them popping when I sit down.
It’s warm and comfortable and love the patterns they have. May have to buy my second one possibly. Can’t wait to take it camping.

Onesie Sizing

Go ahead and wear our products however you want. Our long hoodies and butt flap onesies are made to fit anyone, which means that they're all suitable for everyone, boys, girls, men, and women. It's all about how you want it to fit. Want a more baggy style — then go for a larger size. Want a tighter fitting style — then pick a smaller size. Please note all measurements are approximate and will vary slightly.

Here's a quick guide for sizing up Thuggies by your height:

  • Young Thug = 145cm to 158cm (4'9" - 5'2")
  • Mini Thug = 160cm to 173cm (5'3" - 5'8")
  • Full Thug = 175cm to 190cm (5'9" - 6'3")
  • Super Thug = 190cm + (6'3"+)

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