About Thuggies

Who we are

We are Canadian purveyors of extreme comfort with an ever evolving product line to go with our ever evolving customer base. What began as one outrageously long, pullover hoodie has spawned into hoodies sized for the whole family, sweet little Thugglets for that special tiny human in your life, Chuggies for your favourite bottled or canned beverage, and more coming soon. We provide comfort; plain and simple. Each product is made to keep you cozy whether you’re lounging at home, on a boat, scaling a mountain (be careful), getting dry post surf, skiing, snowboarding, keeping warm on and off the field or doing many other great pastimes too numerous to mention.



How it all started

The year was 2009 and it was an uncharacteristically hot July day in Vancouver, BC. The prototype was spotted by Kim on the green fields of the Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club. In a mixture of pun and sheer snark, she dubbed the garment: The Thuggie. Along came Business Brad and one tweet later our creative and technical director David joined the team. What began as a seemingly silly, inconsequential idea has grown into a world-beloved garment, idea and brand. Our mission is clear: Life is short. Live it long. Join our leisure revolution as we comfortably take over the world.