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Vote for Jimmy! Like his video, help him move on!


Friends, one of our favourite young humans and sports enthusiasts, Jimmy Frandsen is in the running for SBC Wakeboard's Rip Curl Judgement Contest. You've already helped him get through round 1, but he's in round 2, and needs all of your previous help, plus the help of your friends and family. All you need to do is click this link, find the video labeled "Jimmy Fransen" (maybe the D isn't so much silent as invisible? It's still there, in spirit), and LIKE it. This round closes at midnight EST on September 14th, so time is of the essence!

What is this contest of which I speak? I'm glad you asked that. I caught the man of the hour who caught me up. Do read to the bottom, closing comments are from his loving and date-deprived girlfriend Leah, who is as charming as Jimmy is excellent at wakeboarding and life.

Kim: You're competing in SBC Wakeboard's Rip Curl Judgment competition. What exactly is it, how did you get into the competition and what is the prize?
Jimmy: Glad you asked, the Judgement contest is an online competition where riders make edits of themselves and show them off to peers, friends and family. It is a head to head battle until only 1 remains, and that lucky 1 person wins $1000. 12 invites were given out and 4 open spots were there for anyone who wanted to show off their skills and give it all they got. I was lucky enough to be invited this year after the head of the judgement organizers watched my Dope edit  and was very stoked on how my edit turned out!

Kim: Where did you film the video you submitted?
Jimmy: Majority of the edit was filmed at my home lake, Allison Lake just outside of Princeton BC, Whiplash Cable Park and some shots were at the new Valley Wake Park in Abbotsford.

Kim: What sort of tone were you trying to capture with this edit?
Jimmy: I was trying to make it fun for everyone and not bore the audience, I tried the serious but funny sort of style if that makes sense. I don't know if it does, I guess you just gotta see it and let me know, after you vote for me, of course.

Kim: What were the hardest tricks to master in this video, and in your 2013 season?
Jimmy: It wasn't so much the tricks that were the hard part, but the camera and getting the right angles the right focus and what not. No to mention the plane shots we got that turned out great! It's easy when you are just shooting behind the boat. But when I have my friends and family doing the filming for me, it's tough. But I'm happy to say it all turned out great!

Kim: What will you do with your winnings if you win?
Jimmy: Probably buy food. I'm living on my own now so I would say food. Definitely food. Oh and gifts for all who vote for me! Obvs...

Kim: Why should people vote for Jimmy Frandsen?
Jimmy: Because Jimmy Frandsen is just so right!

Closing comments from Jimmy's delightful girlfriend Leah:

"so he can finally start paying for sushi."

There you have it, folks! Vote for Jimmy, feel right, help a kid eat, see what mischief he gets up to next! Vote here!

Thank you, thuggs & kisses!


Who wouldn't want to vote for that guy?


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