School's back, so is Thuggie Thursday.

At NHS in Newmarket, Ontario. Teachers love this, no doubt. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, for our friends in America, you may already be back in school and fellow Canadians, your time is nigh. Chums across the rest of the world, I'm going to assume the back to school clock is ticking, or already, tocked. Is this a cause for sorrow? A cause for being down? Hardly! Embrace the familiar smell of hallways, the excitement of your locker placement, the air of learning emanating from your text books (do you still use books? Please say you still use books), back to school shopping (we have a lot of new things...hint hint) and of course...Thuggie Thursday! We can't take the claim for its beautiful origins, only one man (and his band of merry pants-less men) can, and he is of course, Gavin Francis. To this day, Gavin sends us pictures of his travels around the world, Chuggie in hand, pants at the ready for dropping.

Gavin is not alone, however, in his commitment to going pants-free on that most loaded with hope day of all, Thursday. We've got a number of glorious pictures from many of you, across the globe, rocking your Thuggies with the aplomb only obtained by the most leisurely smug of souls. We salute you, and invite you to keep the tradition alive! Keep on Thuggie Thursdaying, and keep sending us your pictures, either to @theThuggie on Instagram or Twitter, or to our Book of Faces.

The premise behind Gavin's Thuggie Thursdays is that they'd wear their Thuggies to school, and then as soon as possible, remove their pants. While we applaud this, find it wonderful and wouldn't hate for it to continue, the pants dropping isn't a necessity (you're welcome, teachers, I promise, we didn't even come up with this), simply wearing your Thuggie, Funzie, T-Thugg, Thuggie Beanie or taking your coffee tumbler about, nestled softly into a Chuggie, well that all counts!

Some inspiration from others, that were sent to us yes, on Thuggie Thursdays.



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