Happy Thugging New Year!

Hi friends, just thought we'd take a moment to take a look back at 2012, and prepare to greet 2013 with cotton cloaked arms wide open.

We added some new things to the Thuggies family, enhancing the opportunity for all of you, everywhere, to be comfortable and yet steezy in new ways. We introduced the T-Thugg, so you could wear your love of the Thuggie out when it is a bit too hot out for hoods and long sleeves.

We took the Original Thuggie and threw a zipper down the middle giving you the convertible coziness you've clamored for, with the Zip Thuggie. An excellent addition for athletes and comfort professionals everywhere!

In a slight variation from our no pants stance, we gave you our all in, onesie, bum-flapped, lounging masterpiece that is the Funzie.

And, none of this could have happened if you hadn't been with us for the ride, this leisure revolution. Because of you, we've moved into a newer, bigger office where we can churn out your orders every day, so you don't have to wait a second longer than necessary to dive into comfort.

As we ring in 2013 and bid a fond farewell to 2012, we wish you and yours the very best for the new year, and have collected some of our favorite pictures you've sent in over the last 12 months to Facebook, Twitter, email and Instagram. Keep sending them, we love them ever so much!

Thank you again for hopping aboard the lounging train, and we hope you'll stay with us as our long and leisurely revolution continues.


Brad, Dave and Kim, aka the Thuggies Family

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