Come hither thee, oh winter, white

As I sit, outside I see,

blue of ocean, green of tree,

In the foreground the mountains loom,

While dark they are, they bring no gloom.

Because you see, winter beckons.

The snow will fall, quite soon, I reckon.

The trees they will sleep under blankets, white,

Autumn's leaves will fade from sight.

But hark, what's this, hearts filled with glee,

Upon us now, near time to ski!

Or snowboard, snowshoe, snowtube, sled,

To your heart's content, till cheeks turn red.

The falling snow is nature's kiss,

Filling snow lovers hearts' with bliss.

But friends, oh friends, we beg of thee,

Do not go out in no Thuggie!

Your Thuggie is so warm, so cozy,

Into the elements you will mosey.

And while others shiver, others quake,

You'll shake your head at their mistake.

If only they were wise like you,

And cloaked in Thuggie comfort too.

Up on the hills you'll hit those rails,

And all who see will tell the tales,

Of the long hooded master of the hill.

They'll look at you in envy, yes they will.

But like the warmth of your long hoodie,

Your heart is kind and as it should be,

So when they ask "what are you wearing?"

You'll smile at them while gladly sharing,

"This here's a Thuggie and I'll have you know,

It keeps out the cold, keeps out the snow,

Keeps in the warmth, keeps in the smugness,

Keeps in the pride, keeps in the thuggness."

And another soul will hop on the train,

Where pants are optional and comfort reigns.

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Thuggs & Kisses

- Kim


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