Going going back to back to...school.

Well, it's almost upon us. That most wonderful time of year for parents and most dreaded time for teachers and students alike. Or, you could be a nerd like me and be TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP at the thought of new school supplies (do you kids still buy pens? Erasers? Do they still make those or is everything an iProduct?), back to school shopping and seeing your best friends every day.

Or maybe you're heading off to university? Or college as many of you Americans say. One of the things that I really wish I'd had when I went off to the frigid ice land that is Montreal, is of course, a Thuggie. Now, I know this sounds really self promotional and it is to a degree. That said, I think I can speak for most students who went to school anywhere in Eastern Canada (or really anywhere east of the Vancouver's Lower Mainland) that Thuggies would have been game changers. For studying, for lounging, for surviving, for dealing with the awkwardness that is dormitory shared showers (McGill's showers were unisex. Can you imagine?!?)...for so many things. Also, no better way to mask that Freshman 15 than in a large, long, forgiving hoodie.

To all of you on your way to your next scholastic chapter, we wish you well. And for the month of September with every Thuggie purchase we'll throw in a sticker pack so you can bedazzle your locker, text books, car...your roommate.

Good luck to all of you and enjoy school! It's very fun. And by now they probably just inject lessons into you, right? The future is freaky.

Academic-infused thuggs&kisses,


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