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Thuggies.com... that just happened.

Hello everyone. It's been quite a while since our last blog post and for that, I do apologize. We've been busy building this magnificent new website, not to mention a myriad of new colourways and products in our tall hoodie family. New and exciting things are happening at Thuggies HQ and those new and exciting things translate back to you guys. Starting September we'll be shipping daily so you won't have to wait any longer than the post people dictate. That means...last minute gifts, survival packages, what to do when you're at university/college and don't want to do laundry...you name it. It means you won't have to wait for your little bundle of cotton love.

We've made more sizes for the younger set, at the behest of parents all over the world who simply need their children to be raised in the hooded comfort that is the Thugglet. We just assume they are being groomed to be lifetime Thuggie wearers.We even have some variations coming to the Original Thuggies which we know you'll be stoked about.

We're also about to roll out our very new and exciting Zippered Thuggies, so that slipping in and out of your Thuggie will be even easier. Also, beyond the ease of in and out, you can control your body temperature with that handy dandy zip. Too hot? Zip it low. Too cold? Zip yourself up! It's that easy. Zip zip zip zip...zip.

Our answer to the quest for the perfect T-shirt, T Thuggs are now on the loose, with our signature one cuff a different colour, but instead of a cuff, it's a sleeve. We'll be adding new colours and styles. Right now we only have T Thuggs for the lads. We do not wish to ignore the ladies. So gals, hold tight and soon we'll have T Thuggs just for you.

We'll keep evolving our product line, improving old faithfuls and getting crafty with our new additions. One thing is for sure, we're thrilled to be busting out with our new site and can't wait to keep the momenthugg going and growing. Welcome to Thuggies...3.0!





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