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Vancouver Leisure Society Thuggies Get Some Love

As you know, Team Thuggies is participating in the 3rd annual Vancouver Leisure Society Lawn Bowling Tournament. We made some sharp Thuggies using the VLS colours and a little golden Thuggieness of our own. Well it just so happened that on Thursday, July 7th, we attracted the attention of Vancouver's most prolific social writer, Malcolm Parry. I've worked with him on various non Why Not Apparel Inc. related projects, in my former life as a fashion Public Relations person. Anyway, not wanting to miss an opportunity to share the Thuggie love, I sauntered up to him and lo and behold, he loved it. Well more so the Chuggie but anyway he came up to Bryan and I and on the spot did an interview. Nice to get some local love after all the press we've had outside of our own home town! Bryan and I could scarcely believe our good luck, though we weren't surprised he was intrigued by our garb.

The text of the article:

Leisure Society Bowls For Cystic Fibrosis - by Malcolm Parry

"BOWLING FOR GREEN: The median age of players on Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club's Fir-at-15th greens fell by decades Thursday. It will continue for three following Thursdays as Vancouver Leisure Society members benefit the Vancouver-Lower Mainland Cystic Fibrosis Chapter in memory of Eva Markvoort, who died last year at 25. Forty teams of four wore fanciful costumes that, like the sport's bias-weighted wooden balls, sometimes veered from straight. Notably, Randy Driedger, Jordan Kallman, David Laird and David Mason sported pink-trimmed, formal suits with commodious shorts designed by rock-band couturier Nancy Perreault.

Bryan Pudney's team wore the ankle-length hoodies he "invented one hungover Sunday morning" to jokingly exaggerate a Whistler snowboarding trend. "Then everybody wanted one," said Pudney, who founded Why Not Apparel Inc. to produce what he named thuggies (www.thuggies.ca) and, soon after, the hoodieshaped beer-can coolers called chuggies. The firm prospers. If only cystic fibrosis could be overcome so readily."

- love it!

We're also going to be selling the two extra VLS Thuggies that we have, with the proceeds going to our fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis, which is why we bowl. Once we have them up we'll let you know. The fabric is bamboo and very breathable, and it is pimped out in a gold Thuggie logo. Stay tuned for those; only seven have been made and only two will be available for purchase.

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August 24, 2012

Sweatshirt-like material creates a soft, yet durable garment to wear. As Thuggie puts it, ‘Unlike other semi-ironic leisure apparel, the Thuggie equips the wearer with a sense of security, satisfaction, extreme comfort and a gentle sense of smugness.’ We’re still waiting for that sense of security to set in. When it does, we will let you know.


July 14, 2011

Way to Go Thuggies Team…From one Canuk to another we’re proud of you and your Made in Canada product line & your C.F. Charity work…Keep up the great work were always happy to see how things are going with you.

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