Funbassador program. How fun are you?

Do you like fun? Do you like us? Do you get us? Well if you answered a long and leisurely (yet emphatic) yessss to all three of those questions, then you might just become a part of the Funbassador Family. We get many emails a day asking about being sponsored by Why Not Apparel Inc. What we look for in a Funbassador is someone who can go out and represent us in our most leisurely light. You don't have to be a traditional athlete to apply, though we are non-discriminatory so you are welcome too.

Are you really good at being casually awesome? Do you think that a pants optional lifestyle is the right choice? Do you think that your canned or bottled beverage looks just a bit naked when not in a Chuggie and sort of feel awkward when you see a nude can? Well, we do. And if you want to be a part of a family that doesn't expect you to do dishes, laundry, have obligatory family meals when at least one person ends up in tears, then join us, won't you?

We'll have the form up in a couple of weeks or so. As it is the leisure season*, it might not be immediate but it will happen. And we can't wait to have you in the Funbassador Family.
*every season is the leisure season in this Family

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