It's camping/cabin/cottage season. Are you ready?

Hi friends, very shortly there will be at least 4 new colour (updated) ways up, but until them, I'll tell you something very important that will make your summer really, 400% better. Do you camp? Or cabin? Or cottage? If you do any of these things (or ALL???) then you need to get your hands on a Thuggie. Like a smoke detector, no cabin/cottage (tent?) should be without one. Or several, depending on your familial size. I can't stress enough how much my Thuggies have changed my cabin life. I don't camp unless forced (because like a brat, I have a cabin to go to where I don't have to worry about bears chewing through my tent and eating my cooler) but I do know people that do camp. And own Thuggies. And they say it has revolutionized the whole experience. Not only are they perfect for lounging around a camp fire* but if you are near a lake and happen to get an urge to go crazy and skinny dip, well! What's easier to remove and then shamefacedly replace than a Thuggie? Nothing. Thuggies are also the perfect on boat change room and ideal for staying cozy when the sun goes down. Surfing in Tofino? What better garment to change in and out of your wet suit?

So whether you're camping in BC, Colorado, New Zealand or cottaging in Muskoka, don't leave home without us. Get yourself a Thuggie and probably a 6 pack of Chuggies before summer gets away on you and you are stuck camping/cottaging/cabinning in fleece or similar.
*fires only where permitted

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