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Yesterday I finally met one of our biggest supporters, Sophia Chang who was in town for Coca Cola's 125th anniversary celebration. It was lovely to meet her, if not ideal weather for me to be fritzing about in a Thuggie and no pants. Regardless, I got to hand over our soon to be unveiled Red Rover Thuggie, and be a part of the fun. Later that night she came to meet me at the London Pub, where I was celebrating my lovely cousin Lauren's (pictured, somewhat blurrily) birthday party. I presented Lauren with her first ever Thuggie and she was delighted and threw it on immediately, despite it being quite warm in there. Sophia, being the awesome person she is, showed up to the bar in her Thuggie. JUST awesome.

Mere moments later, Lauren ran up to me with two strapping young men in tow who were over the moon excited to meet the "Girl Thuggie" as I am now known. Given names are so overrated, anyway.

But it was magical! They were so enthused about Dragon's Den and confident in our success and even had pictures on their iPhones to show us that in fact, they do wear them all the time and in many colours. Some friendly brotherly competition arose over who in fact was the bigger fan, as they each owned 3 and had more orders coming. I think that makes them equal.  They offered to host a Thuggies party at their home in North Vancouver, which WILL be happening once all the hoopla with Dragon's Den wraps. Anyway the point of this post is that I am really excited and getting more and more heartened by the response we're getting from people and from people who either get us as we are meant to be, or get us as what works for them. In public, with pants, in cabins, sans pants, whatever. Wear us for whatever and whenever you want, just wear us with pride! And if you see someone else in one, don't be shy. Chances are if you meet someone that loves Thuggies and so do you, you will like them. We're like a cotton-swathed friendship building tool.

So hopefully the lads will email me and we can get more magic happening down the line, but if not, it was fun to be out and have people a) know about the Thuggie/Why Not Apparel and b) love it, just love it. Makes us all very happy!

Okay enough. You go out and love your Mums extra today.



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