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Go thug yourself with a Twibbon

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Last night I posted the new Twibbon feature that we have launched. Not sure if you have seen them before, but Twibbons are a sort of online sticker that you can add to your Facebook profile or your Twitter avatar to show your support of something. It started out for causes, then sports teams got on board, and now it's sort of a fun way to show your support for anything. We get so many emails and posts asking for stickers, and while we do have some made, they are in scant supply. So we thought, these people are posting all this online, why not (apparel inc) give them an online sticker? No postage AND good for the environment. And so modern!

The wonderful design magician, David Belanger created 5 options for Twibbons. I chose one, but I'm curious if I picked the one that will get the most people on board. So, I'm posting them all here. Please let me know in the comments section which one you like best, and if it isn't the one I picked, then I can change it. Or heck, since we're living on the edge, I can change it ever so often to keep it fresh.

thugs&kisses and thanks to everyone who has already thrown one on!




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