Watch out for the Easter Thuggie

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. It was also the day the Canucks were supposed to take the 1st round of playoffs. That didn't happen. What did happen was I dressed up as the Easter Thuggie, bought a bunch of chocolate eggs and went to the Olympic Village Canada Line and handed out candy to strangers. Interestingly enough, not a soul said no. It was pretty fun actually, and Bryan and I made a lot of peoples' commutes that day just a bit more delightful. When we ran out of eggs we hopped back to my car and went for lunch and a 4 hour marathon strategy session at Local, because they have wireless and most of the staff knows me by name. Anyway, we decided to keep on our Pepto Dismal thuggies and just go with it. We were greeted by perplexed but amused looks as we bobbed down the street, and upon entering Local, the kitchen staff all applauded. It was very gratifying. One guy at a table we passed bellowed, "Pinky and the Brain!" which I liked. A familiar voice exclaimed, "nice! What are those? What is this for?" and lo and behold, it was Chris Gailus, the anchor of Global BC's news! Bryan went to the table but I stayed put. I mean, life doesn't just throw these moments out every day! I explained that we'd been at the Canada Line handing out chocolate, sort of guerrilla marketing only not really. I told him briefly about our company and then went to our table, and immediately tweeted at him. I saw him (almost immediately) look over at us, then back to his phone. I was too nervous to check but then I did and he'd tweeted at us! It was great. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and will be sure to do more street teaming soon. We'll let you know where we're headed next, so you can join us.



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