Is that a semen or are you happy to see me?

On Saturday I bombed up to Whistler for the (*Telus*) Whistler Ski and Snowboard Fest. I was on the fence after a rousing night out celebrating some hockey victory, but my dear friend Amber was hosting an event AND I needed to see the Brand Live crew who were running amok with the Square head (the name of the LIVE at Squamish bear) in the Village. It was great; we made friends everywhere. We met the Durex condom sperm guy, who was a charming, if squirmy fellow, and the Square made people smile all over the place. I goaded people into wearing the head, but I knew once they put it on, they'd be thankful (they were).

The Brand Live crew have most of the pictures so take a look at their Facebook page and see if you are there. If so, tag yourself and you could potentially win tickets to LIVE at Squamish! In other news, if you can get up to Whistler in the next 10 days, DO. It was so fun being up there, even for a brief moment. There are a billion events going on and the weather is glorious. If you haven't been to the WSSF, ask yourself, "why not (apparel inc)?" and get on up there. Your 98 year old self will thank you for it, in 70ish years.



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