We're going to be LIVE at Squamish

The rumours are true...we're going to performing, LIVE at Squamish. And by performing, I mean we'll be there, performing simple human tricks, like not wearing pants and teaching you all how to thuggie. A couple of weeks ago I got the most delightful email from one of the concert's organizers and BAM, history is about to be made. This year's LIVE at Squamish features Weezer, Metric, Girl Talk, John Butler Trio, Major Lazer, Diplo and more. Our dream is to get Weezer into a thuggie and have them perform Undone, and see that this is one sweater that no one can ever unravel. Ever.

We'll be creating some very special LIVE at Squamish thuggies and chuggies and we're going to there at the concert, all weekend, providing comfort and joy. It gets chilly when the sun goes down, so we're going to be ready to envelop the revelers in the most comfortable garment that they will ever own. It's up to the concert organizers for how they'll be bestowing the LAS2011 thuggies and chuggies out, so if you want your chance, creep their Facebook, peep the website, and if you are prone to tweeting, follow them.



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