Oh hi, Andrew Allen!

Do you know makes us happy? So many things. But one of them is when a delightful, talented and ebullient musician pops by to stand around in a Thuggie and pose with us (or Kim, aka me, in this instance). BC bred and very tall, Andrew Allen is the kind of guy we'd like to stand around with, wearing Thuggies and perhaps enjoying one of this province's many delightful brews, in chuggies of course. He only popped by briefly as he was in a rush to go get his wife from the airport present her with her Thuggie, but he stopped and hung out and tried to look tough. He looked tougher than I did, that's for sure. But guys, it's hard to look tough with a chin dimple. If you aren't familiar with Andrew, consider familiarizing yourselves. He's a delight. He'll be on the guest list when we have our Thug Mansion party, that's for sure.

He's embarking on a tour in the USA, so to our friends in America, welcome him. Last year that dastardly volcano grounded him in Calgary when he was en route to Europe for touring and created this little ditty. It makes me gleeful for many reasons but my favourite part is where he references the President of Norway running the country from an Apple iPad. Anyways. Andrew, thanks for coming by and enjoy your touring.



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