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We thugging love you guys

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Hi friends,
Today's post comes courtesy of @pagingpeanut or aka Sophia Chang.

We love all of the ways you guys support us, and don't mean to single any one person out, but Sophia's email came to us unsolicited, just a lovely message with her trying to help Why Not Apparel Inc. grow, and demonstrate her desire to get us all one step closer to hosting you all at a Thug Mansion party. As you can surely imagine, everything about said mansion will be very long. Ie driveway, pool, couches etc and you will have to check your pants at the door.

Without further adieu, the lovely words of the lovely Sophia.



Hi Kim,

When are you coming to shoot Dragon's Den? I am very excited for you guys, the exposure will be huge, plus the word of mouth.. 20,000 fans here we go!

Don't worry about the chuggie/thuggie, I'm sure you have tons and tons of orders to fulfill already. Plus, I'm sure I'll be ordering more in the future! (ed. note: she selflessly gave one away to someone she thinks could help us grow)

I left my entire life in Vancouver and moved to Toronto to be with my partner. Aside from the career hold and missing friends at home, I slowly adjusted to the new city. But at the same time, I realized that the transition was a lot harder than I anticipated. The lifestyle and culture was different from what I was accustomed to. I tried my best to maintain my Vancouver life - BC plate, (604) number, listening to the Peak, shipping GIB across the country etc. However, underneath it all, I knew that "the Vancouver" I was striving for was still missing.

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Immediately when I discovered thuggies, I knew it  represented so more than just a comfortable apparel.  It captures the lifestyle of most Vancouverites - laid back and relaxing,  balanced perfectly with bold styles and edge.  Not only am I proud to be one of the many thuggie /chuggie owners, I can honestly say that I've also stopped searching for "the Vancouver", and started viewing my new life in Toronto from my plaid thuggie point of view. After all, it's not just about what's offered or presented to you, it's also about the value and what you bring to the table. It's not just a thuggie, it's what a thuggie is to you. I now live, breathe and wear my Vancouver roots with me at all times, and I could never be more proud.

I hope these words would explain the reasoning behind my seemingly nonsense belief and faith in Why Not Apparel, and also show my greatest and deepest appreciation.

Kim and the lads, have a great weekend and please enjoy the beautiful Vancouver the way

you have been already on my behalf :)




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