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There's been some confusion on the interweb about exactly what the Thuggie is and what the purpose to it is. The reality: there is no purpose but comfort, as well as a comfortable sense of humour. With that in mind I decided to interview the Business Man a bit about what the Thuggie is, what some of the struggles have been and where he sees the company going in the next little while.

me: So Brad, the Thuggie was started as a joke, right? Only people who saw the 4 original Thuggies in action got all excited and asked where they could buy them?

Business Brad: right you are, Kim. Bryan thought it was getting a bit absurd, the whole "long everything" trend, particularly seeing people on the slopes wearing thinks akin to this and seemingly thinking themselves hardcore.

me: so it was a joke that grew into a serious but tongue in cheek business endeavour?

BB: yup, you were so excited and it rubbed off on Bryan and then he talked to me about it and I knew we had to make it happen. Obviously there will be people who don't get it or think we're exploiting a horrible trend, but we're just trying to poke fun gently, and stay comfortable. The people that get it, get us, love it, and those that don't, don't. Pretty standard.

me: what's next for us, Biz?

BB: well we're looking for new fabric, always, and trying to get more support for the leisure revolution. The google analytics are fun, we have over 72 countries visiting us!

me: I know, I'm the one who tells you that.

BB: Still.

me: ok good talk. I like mine because it means I don't have to wear pants. I hate pants. I don't really wear it out in public but that's not what I wanted it for. I just thought it looked like the most comfortable thing ever, and it circumvented the need for pants, either in pajama or sweat variety.

BB: yes they are pants optional, you mention that a lot.

me: well...I'm not alone.

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