long live leisure

So things are kind of blowing up for us and we're really excited. What we started as a seriously comfortable joke built on a dream of a world where people don't take things too seriously and also don't have to wear pants has turned into something that has reached over 71 countries across the world! We're working on new colours, styles, items and more and we welcome your feedback. For the most part what we've seen on the interwebs has been really positive, on sites like New Schoolers which is incredible, and potentially some others. We hope you're as fond of our new colours as we are, and we're always actively working on finding new fabrics etc so we can suit your personal thuggie needs.

We love hearing from you, and if you've got a story to tell about your own experience with owning or wearing a Thuggie, we'd love to hear about it! Cheers and long live leisure.



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