Loved the Volks...wagon!

Sorry this has taken me a while to post. Sunday was the F.A.C.E.S charity cruise in Bellingham that cruised from Bellis Fair to Mount Baker. I've never seen so many enthused VW/Audi owners in my life and it was nice being with so many friendly people that I otherwise would not have met. Business Brad drove his Passat which he'd just gotten spiffed up (clearly I'm a major car person...not sure if "spiffed up" is official car talk but whatever) with some Mercedes rims. He, Bry and I had a breakfast stop at McDonald's on the way which equipped us for our cruise into the US of A. Chris De Rosa who was organizing the whole thing was a total sweetheart and really an awesome guy to meet. Reception to the Thuggie was quite impressive, with some lovely young Yanks wanting to try them on and send pictures to their friends and boyfriends. We donated a Thuggie and $25 (from sales) to the cause and were happy to export some long-life lessons on our Southern friends. Based on Google Analytics, we left an impression and we're hoping that the Gospel of the Thuggie will spread across the border and all over the world! Baker was beautiful, everyone was totally good natured and it was a great way to spend a Sunday! Not to mention all the ridiculously cute puppies that were running around. So thanks to Chris and Amanda De Rosa for organizing such a fun, friendly and leisurely event giving money to F.A.C.E.S and including some wide eyed young Canadians in one sweet cruise!



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