2016 Thuggies Gift Guide

Finding and giving gifts for your favorite Thuggies fan doesn't have to be hard this holiday season. We've complied a list of 9 must have gifts that you likely haven't heard of (ok maybe a few you have) from around the internet. Everything from gadgets, to Thuggies, to insanely stretchy jeans, there will be something here to save you from going to a store. The best part about this list? All of these gifts are available for under $200!

For The Sleepy Head

Know someone that sleeps a lot? Here's a few sleep friendly items to at least up their game while sleeping.

  1. Firebox - Bear Hug Pillow ; $45
    Want to sleep in a bear hug all night? Now you can safely. Get into your Thuggie and curl up with your big bear homie. 

  1. bedface - Ola Volo Artist Series Duvet Cover ; $109
    Turn your bed into a piece of art with this duvet cover drawn by Canadian Artist Ola Volo. Her drawing were used for the cover of Artslandia magazine then transposed onto our duvet covers. 

For the Outdoorsy

  1. Kent Street Apparel - Merde Il Pleut Umbrella; $44
    It's time to put some humor in those stormy winter days. Lighten up your friend's rainy day with a Merde Il Pleut (Translated from French - Shit It's Raining) Umbrella from Kent Street Apparel. Available in 3 Colours. 


Ever seen a sweatshirt so long you can just cuddle up in it? Perfect for those cold nights at the cabin or the couch, the Hypno Slash Thuggie (and all of the other Thuggies products) will keep you looking good with your pants on or off ;)

Meet the strongest and most versatile jeans on the market. Their proprietary Extreme Stretch denim makes you look good at a rock climbing gym or a dinner party. We've been wearing ours around the office and haven't taken them off for weeks.


    For the stocking stuffers: 

    Looking for easy gifts that suit many people on your list? Buying cool things first and deciding who they’ll go to later? Here are a few neat items that do just the trick.

    6. iphone case; $16.99
    Help them jazz up and personalize their phone with a creative phone case. Show you’ve been paying attention to their current interests or introduce them to an artist you think they’ll enjoy. We personally love this ‘I’d rather be sleeping’ model from Milkyway because we’d really truly honestly rather be sleeping right now.



      7. Thuggies - 12-Pack of Chuggies; $54.99
      Do you have a few beer lovers in your family? Here is the perfect stocking stuffer for them! A hoodie for your beer, with a full insulator inside to keep your beers nice and cold!

        Chuggies by Thuggies

        For the kids:

        Delight the little ones in your life with cute winter clothes and splashes of bright colour.

        8. Identity House & Home - Little Lumberjack Toddler Toggle Coat; $78-128
        The youngsters will look effortlessly stylish and adorable bundled up in one of these re-purposed vintage blanket coats, handmade in trendy East Vancouver.

          9. Thuggies - Thugglet; only $44.99
          Help the cool kids get even cooler with an outrageously long hoodie they’ll never want to take off. Now they don't have to wear pants around the house or after swimming lessons.


            Happy shopping!

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