Live Long Mixtape Vol.2


We are lucky enough to have the best fans in the world, you guys post pictures, videos, and have shared the #livelong lifestyle in places far further than we would have ever expected. 

The Live Long Mixtape Vol. 1 was certainly a success with over 220 plays and 35 downloads and counting. 

Volume 2 is even more special because one of our fans made it!


About a month ago, dj ShmeeJay from Port Angeles, Washington, reached out to us and offered to make this mixtape! Needless to say, we were pretty pumped to hear it.

Over the last two weeks the Live Long Mixtape Vol. 2 has been playing in the Thuggies warehouse and we can't get enough of it. Truthfully it opened our ears to new sounds and we had no idea what to expect, but this mixtape kicks ass!

We want to thank dj ShmeeJay for the hard work and love he put into this. Please follow him on SoundcloudFacebook, and Twitter.

Have a listen, share it with friends, let us know what you think. If you have any requests, or want to make a mixtape for us in the future get a hold of us!


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  • this has been a very stressful day for me and sadly enough I skipped over this email several times.. never again.. this music was so up my alley, mellow but had a dancing beat Ahhhhhh sweet peace.. if I only had a pair of my T Cozys I’d be in total bliss. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY BRIGHTER

  • great music I like!!!!

    ruslan on

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