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Funzies abound on the high seas

Team Freedom 15!

One of the things that I like the most about my life as a Thuggies human is the various and wonderful ways that our wares are making their way across the globe and into lives. I love searching #thuggie #thuggies #funzies etc and seeing what shows up. Sometimes it's pretty weird what turns up and has nothing to do with us, but oftentimes I (admittedly, somewhat creepily) get to gander into the lives of strangers who are loving their Thuggies, Thugglets, Funzies, T Thuggs, and let me not forget, Chuggies.

Let it be known that I love seeing these pictures, getting tagged, all of it, so all of you out there, keep up the good work! This leads me to the subject of this post, Jennica Flodin and her Freedom 15 team of dancers who delightfully entered our lives several weeks ago. Jennica is a professional dancer on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Freedom of the Sea. She and her team of dancers are now proud owners of Freedom 15 team Funzies, and the pictures speak for themselves, but she also took some time out of her very busy schedule to answer some of my questions as to how she came across Funzies. A special mention and thank you to creator of the original Thuggies prototypes, Bryan Pudney. As you shall soon read, Jennica also gives a special shout out to Mr. Pudney!

Kim: How did you come across us/Thuggies/Funzies?

Jennica: I'm just gonna put it out there… I thought Bryan (Pudney) was a babe.  My cast was interested in having customized onesies done so I messaged Bryan about it - he suggested Funzies.  We took a look at them, instantly loved them and it gave me a good reason to "talk" to Mr. Babe-Man.  No shame.  

Kim: Awesome, he's a gem. I hope he's blushing in a pleased manner when he reads this. Where do you wear your Funzie?

Jennica: I wear my Funzie for everything - no seriously - cleaning, warming up in, dancing, cooking, sleeping, grocery shopping, running other random errands, after the shower… there are no limits when you are wearing a Funzie.  

Kim: Haha totally, agreed. You must get some looks while grocery shopping. So why Funzies? 

Jennica: We chose Funzies since we were already shopping around for onesies, but I will say I am quite enchanted by the Thuggie… I will own one. 

Kim: So you are a dancer, yes? Your pictures and life stories are enchanting.

Jennica:  I AM a dancer!  I've been dancing for 21 years (10 professionally).  I trained, as a child, in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, irish, contemporary and hip hop ( cuz I'm cool like that).  As I started working professionally and more specifically with Royal Caribbean I was trained in Bachata, Tango, Argentine Tango, Rhumba, Salsa, Merengue, Argentine Folklore, and Cha-Cha.  

Kim:  Where are you right now, you mentioned Royal Caribbean? 

Jennica: I currently am employed by Royal Caribbean Cruises and about to set sail on the Freedom of the Seas.  We have three main show productions.  Once Upon A Time - a production based on fairy tales with acrobats and aerialists.  Marquee - a Broadway Review, and Now You See It - a magic show created by world famous magician, Drew Thomas.

Kim: What has been your favourite production, to date?

Jennica: Favourite production would have to be a show I did my very first contract with the company called Boogie Wonderland.  It's a 70s review show and probably the HARDEST show I have ever done in my entire life.  You are guaranteed to have a wicked audience with that show.  

Kim: Based on the pictures, you do in fact practice in your Funzies. That must get steamy.

Jennica: Haha, we do practice in our Funzies- mostly warm up though, or "marking" of a show (walking through the show, not full out).  They get a bit warm.

Kim: How long is a typical contract for you? Do you have time for excursions?  

Jennica: Our contracts vary from 5 months to 8 months at sea.  We port almost everyday though, so we get a lot of time to explore.

Kim: Wow, sailor's life, basically. Minus the scrubbing of the boards or swabbing the deck, I guess is the saying. What's your favourite thing about leading this nomadic life?

Jennica: Favourite:  Waking up in a new country/island every day.  If you're not crazy about Jamaica, don't worry… you will be in Mexico in two days.  

Kim: Least favourite?

Jennica:  Not being able to make my own food … I'm a control freak. I also really miss my family and friends all over the world.  I suppose that should have been the first answer. Ha. 

Kim: No judging, they got in there, after all. So what is Freedom 15? What does it stand for?

Jennica: Freedom 15 first off is: Freedom, is the name of our vessel.  15 is because we are the 15th cast to be put on the Freedom.  The Freedom 15 cast is an amazing group of super talented individuals.  We have ballerinas, aerialists, tumblers, tappers, and singers in this group.  Our group consists of 18 performers and we come from all over the World!  United States, Mexico, Philippines, England, Finland and Canada.  With such a large group of people from all over we definitely learn A LOT from each other.  That is one of the coolest things about this job.  Think of the TV show "The Real World" - that is pretty much how our journey starts.  We all get flown to Florida and live in apartments together.  We meet each other as we come into the apartments and bond pretty much the first week.  I could not be more excited to create memories with a more extraordinary group of people.  

Kim: What is your best surprise discovery about your Funzie?  

Jennica: I recently sustained a serious injury and my Funzie has helped nurse me back to health! (no, for reals…super grateful to have it!)

Kim: Oh no! Hope you're okay! Words of advice for those living a life at sea?

Jennica: Learn how to swim. 

Kim: Yes sage words, especially on board a cruise ship! So what's a typical reaction you get when people see you in your Funzie?

Jennica: I've realized that at first people are quite skeptical… then they are drawn in, and then they WANT one!  I wear my Funzie all over…. but the one place people comment on it the most is the grocery store.  People see me walking around in the chip aisle and think I'm crazy for wearing onesie grocery shopping in Florida, then they see me again in the frozen food aisle and think I'm probably onto something.  I'm approached at least once every time I wear it out in public.  

Kim: Ha, I love it! And no doubt it starts to make sense in the ice cream aisle. EVERYTHING starts to make sense in the ice cream aisle. 

Thank you so much for all of this, any parting words of advice?

Jennica: Tips for your Funzie:  Always wear underpants.  I'm only 5'2" so… EVERYONE is taller than me.  I've recently learned that those less vertically challenged people can see down the back of my Funzie.  Whoops. 

Kim: Haha sage words, my friend, sage words. Thank you! Now, we'll let everyone enjoy your amazing Instagram pictures.

Funzies in flight!Funzie pals

Kim Bowie
Kim Bowie


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